Our crew at Xtreme Home Products, located in Mooresville, NC, want to make sure you are keeping your home safe from damaging water. It’s an absolute must that your gutters and downspouts are working properly at all times. No matter the season, maintenance is required for vital home components. However, if left unchecked, downspouts can become clogged and can cause water damage. Xtreme Home Products want to share 3 signs of a clogged downspout.

As water runoff spills to the sides of your gutters, it accumulates in your landscaping, causing soil saturation. This compromises the stability of the foundation as water finds its way through any cracks. Soon after, your basement may start leaking water, which is a costly problem to fix.

If you are noticing water spilling over your gutters and you don’t see a lot of water

coming out of your downspout, it is likely you have a clogged downspout. Depending on the size of your gutters and downspouts, it could take some time before all of the rainwater from a heavy downpour can be drained away from your home. However, if you are noticing that your gutters still have standing water in them, then it is a sign pointing to clogged downspouts.

Water shouldn’t come out of the seams and joints of your gutters. If water is coming out then you more than likely have a clogged downspout. Having professionals check out your gutters and downspouts will help solve this problem.

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