After a blustery windstorm blows through your area, you may be left wondering whether the wind-damage caused that loose or missing shingle. You’re not alone. Wind-damaged roofs often hide in plain sight, leaving them vulnerable to costly damage and repairs in the long run. In this blog, we’ll highlight 5 subtle signs of wind-damaged roofs that you can reliably keep an eye on.


  1. Lifted or Curling Shingles. Shingles starting to lift or curl at the edges indicate that the wind likely got underneath and disrupted their arrangement. Even if it only affects a couple of shingles, it’s important to address them immediately before more shingles are compromised and leaks occur.
  2. Missing Shingles. Missing shingles are another subtle indicator of wind-damaged roofs. Check your roof carefully for gaps where shingles have blown away altogether. The fewer shingles in place, the greater the opportunity for water intrusion.
  3. Missing or Loose Fasteners. If your property has a metal roof, be sure to examine the roof for any missing or loose fasteners around the joints. Strong winds can pop the fasteners out, leaving panels detached and prone to blowing away during subsequent windstorms.
  4. Interior Leaks. While indoors, be on the lookout for any new moisture on ceilings or peeling paint. Both can indicate a wind-damaged roof or flashing that’s allowing water seepage. The sooner you detect these leaks, the less likely it is that rot and mold will take hold of your property.
  5. Damaged Soffit or Fascia. Turbulent winds can also damage these exterior overhangs’ stability and water resistance. Therefore, be sure to inspect the soffit and fascia for any warped or disconnected areas

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