New windows are a big part of your homes performance during those cold winter mornings or the extreme heat of summer time. Who doesn’t want their home to stay at a comfortable temperature during those times? Getting new vinyl windows with argon or krypton gas in between the two pieces of glass will block out the harmful rays that will fade your beautiful hardwood floors and even your furniture. Here at Xtreme Home Products we thrive on having the best of both worlds with are state of the art vinyl windows that do way more than just make the curb appeal of your house catch every neighbors eye. Another great add to our process is that the same guys that sell and measure your homes windows are the same guys that also will be on the job site installing your new windows and doors. We want to cut out the middle man and cut the price because of that. #newwindowsanddoors #Mooresvillenc #statesvillenc #exteriorremodeling #charlottenc #energyefficientwindowsanddoors


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