The gutters on your home are an important element in keeping water away from the foundation of your home and preventing significant damage. However, they are not able to perform as needed when they become full of leaves, dirt, and other debris. So, every few months, you’ll likely find yourself either climbing up and down a ladder over and over as you work to clear the clogged gutters or paying someone else to do this tedious task for you. Isn’t there a better solution to keep your gutters clear so that they can do the job they were designed to do?

Here at Xtreme Home Products, we offer an amazing product called Valor Gutter Guard. These guards protects your gutters from moss and fungi growth. It is also very easy to install and extremely cost efficient. They can handle high flow water conditions and keeps your gutters clean and flowing. The best part about Valor is it keeps those annoying pine needles out of your gutters.

So, you may be asking yourself, what makes Valor Gutter Guard better than the others. Well our guards have an S-shape stainless steel screen that is both attractive and functional. The raised S-shape design acts to both slow the rainwater down and force it into the gutter while allowing debris to be suspended above on the ridges. This makes the rainwater go into the gutter while the debris gets blown off or bounced off by the wind or rain water. Valor is quick and easy when it comes to install, making our crew come in and out in a flash. They are offered in copper, silver, white, charcoal, and brown.

Contact us today at Xtreme Home Products, located in Mooresville NC, to get a free quote, virtually, and learn more about how Valor Gutter Guard would be great for your home. If you contact us during the month of February, we are offering $200 off 150ft of Valor Gutter Guard installed. We serve Statesville, Troutman, Winston Salem, Taylorsville, Hickory, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Mooresville, Newton, Concord, Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Lincolnton, Charlotte, and surrounding areas.


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