Our team at Xtreme Home Products, located in the heart of Downtown Mooresville, wants to help you get your home ready to hit the market. Naturally, you’ll need a good sale price on your current home to improve the next one’s down payment. But if your home is out dated and appears neglected or dirty, you’re bound to put off prospective buyers. Fortunately, there are ways to boost the bidding price for your home and maximize the odds of seeing more cash in your account. Let’s explore seven things to do before selling your house to improve its sale value and prep it for moving.

Find the right real estate agent

Before doing anything else, remember that you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – sell your house by yourself. The right real estate agent can make the whole process easier by:

So before undertaking any major renovation projects, get a real estate agent to look at your home and give you an estimate of its fair market value. Then, prepare to look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer and make any updates and repairs that will help bring the highest offers.

Fix it up to bump up the price

Keep that hammer handy and partner it with a full tool chest. You’ll need it for all the home repairs on your to-do list! Take a thorough look at your property and note anything that could be fixed up with some elbow grease and old-fashioned handyman skills. Some common things to fix before selling your house include:

Remember, once you get an offer, the buyer will have it professionally inspected. Anything you can repair now will save you a headache later.

Replace old, drafty windows

Depending on your house’s age and other factors, one or more windows might be drafty, cracked, and a warning sign for a prospective buyer. It’s a good idea to replace any old and/or drafty windows with new energy-efficient windows. If your old windows are unsightly, you can replace them with much more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Not only do new windows boost curb appeal, but they also can make your home’s interior look better by allowing in more natural light. Picture windows, bay windows, and other new replacement windows can do a lot to shift home price haggling in your favor come negotiation time.

Pressure wash your sidewalks and driveway

Here’s an incredibly satisfying fix that will also help you get a bit more cash from your house sale. Buy or rent a pressure washer and spray down the sidewalks, front porch, siding, and driveway of your home. It’s an easy touch that makes your house look bright and new and elevates the first impression of your property. When prospective buyers walk up a pristine driveway to your freshly washed front door, they’ll be much more likely to make an offer than if they took the same route from a grimy driveway to a dusty, dirty door!


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