Our crew at Xtreme Home Products, located in Mooresville NC, want to help educate our customers on the windows that they will be getting from us. The KHPP windows we carry all have something in them called argon gas. So what is argon? What does it do and why is it in your windows? Sit down and hear a little science lesson from us at Xtreme Home Products.

What is Argon Gas?

Before bringing any chemical into your home, around your families, you probably want to know exactly what it is. Who can blame you? Argon Gas is a naturally occurring gaseous element. In fact, it is known as one of the “noble gasses” on the periodic table. Argon is non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-reactive. Argon is much denser than air, meaning it is a great insulator, and it is inexpensive, which is why it is found in a lot of industrial applications. You also may hear people using krypton gas to fill their windows. That is also a great choice but is more expensive.

Why Not Normal Air?

Think about your normal air you breathe in. It’s great for the creatures on the Earth but what does “normal air” have in it? The answer to that question is moisture. If we used normal air in your windows, you would have a lot of moisture build up. If you trap the moisture-laden air between two panes in a window, eventually you are going to have a lot of damage done to your windows. Over time, the air will break down the inside of the window causing leaky and foggy windows. Argon has that density to it, helping keep your home insulated no matter the temperatures you may be experiencing.

What Else is Great About Argon?

Did you know that argon gas insulation will actually keep away UV Rays? This helps protect not only your family while sitting in front of a window but it also helps protect your furniture, rugs, tables, and artwork from fading from the sunlight. Argon Gas also helps block the noise you may have from the exterior of your home. Have a sleeping baby at home and neighbors that like to have large, loud family gatherings? Argon gas insulated windows will help block out the noise so you don’t have to worry about the neighbors waking up your baby. Maybe you work the night shift and have to sleep during the day, argon gas insulated windows to the rescue. Unlike argon gas tires for your vehicle, argon gas insulated windows don’t need to be pumped every couple of months. Argon windows only lose about 1% of gas each year, making your windows last through the lifetime of the window.

Xtreme Home Products is Your Solution

Any home, in all climates, can really benefit from argon windows. When your windows are worn out and ready to be replaced, our argon replacement windows should be at the top of your list. Contact us today at Xtreme Home Products, located in Mooresville NC, to get a free quote and learn more about our argon windows and how they would help make your home more energy efficient. We serve Statesville, Troutman, Asheville, Hendersonville, Winston Salem, Taylorsville, Hickory, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Mooresville, Newton, Concord, Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Lincolnton, Charlotte, and surrounding areas.


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